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“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
Mahatma Gandhi

David Rouda

Meet David Rouda

David Rouda started the Rouda Law Firm in 1995 in order to have more one on one connection with clients he felt was missing at big firms. Too often he saw other lawyers shy away from trial, and not achieve the full compensation their injured clients deserved. David treats every client as if they were a good friend and family member, and takes his role as counselor at law seriously. The results speak for themselves.

One of the Bay Area’s most seasoned mediators once remarked that David should teach a seminar on negotiation, marveling at his ability to discriminate defense posturing, predict final offers, and creatively achieve seemingly impossible settlements.

The foundation of David’s success has been relentless dedication to his client, laser-like focus on uncovering facts and researching the law, and an uncanny ability to remember every detail of a case, leaving defendants nowhere to hide.

David is the quintessential Renaissance man, who has confounded defense counsel who try to cubbyhole him, or predict his next move. He brings to bear on every case a wealth of experience from multiple disciplines—not just as a more than 20 year litigator, but as a “multiple threat”reknowned playwright, television writer, actor, producer and theatrical director, an advertising copywriter, a World Championship rower, a professional pianist, with a UC Berkeley degree in Rhetoric. David’s sold-out plays have won “Best Play” at the San Francisco Fringe Festival, and “Critic’s Pick” by LA Weekly and Backstage West. David knows how to present a story on stage and in court. His understanding and empathy for other human beings, be they defense counsel, judges, witnesses or clients, has been a touchstone of his success.

David’s infamous discipline, boundless stamina, and around-the-clock work ethic astounds attorneys, judges and clients alike. Many wonder whether he ever sleeps! As a former elite rower, David knows how to overcome the most extreme challenges litigation presents, to guide his client to the finish line.

Part of what distinguishes David and allows him to going toe-to-toe with well-heeled defense firms and win David v. Goliath-type cases is his technological skills. David’s literacy in cutting edge litigation software allows him to minimize overhead costs, and gain advantage at trials and mediations. Every document is digitized and David has every fact at his fingertips. At a recent trial, the jury foreman remarked how impressive David’s use of 3D laser-scan exhibits and life-like animations were. David is an attorney for the 21st Century, while still maintaining old fashioned individual attention to each of his clients.

David learned from the best, coming from a family with 5 very well respected attorneys.

David’s legal writing skills are unparalleled. Many of his written arguments having been adopted virtually word for word by appellate justices in multiple published California Court of Appeals decisions.

David was a judicial clerk with Judge John P. Vukasin, Jr. of the United States District Court. He taught at the University of San Francisco School of Law Academic Support Program. He has mentored many young attorneys and has done a significant amount of pro-bono work on behalf of underserved groups.

Rouda Law


B.A., Rhetoric (with Honors), University of California at Berkeley
J.D., University of San Francisco


State Bar of California
United States District Court, California Northern District


American Bar Association
California Lawyers for the Arts
State Bar Voluntary Legal Services Program
Organizer, Writersnorth, group of WGA members in Bay Area
Board of Directors, The Jewish Theatre, SF
Theatre Bay Area
LA Stage Alliance
U.S. Rowing Assn.; Israeli Rowing Federation.
1999 Steinberg Leadership Institute, Anti-Defamation League


The State Bar of California
§ Recognition for voluntary provision of legal services to the poor.

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