Technological Edge

Craig Fries - principal of Precision Simulations, pioneer and national leader in Forensic Animation, 3D Laser Scanning and Accident Scene Reconstruction - shows how The Rouda Law Firm used 3D Laser Scanning to benefit their client at trial.


Leica Laser Scan animation

"Over six years, Bertoli’s attorney David Rouda, who had no previous experience with laser scanning technology, employed not only the most prolific but also the most novel use of laser scan data that I have ever seen. As a result, the judicial rulings set an important legal precedent in California when (laser scan data)—and all the expert analyses built upon it—was admitted into scientific evidence."


Revolutionary use of scientific evidence

"In more than 100 hours of online conference calls, dozens of experts from around the state viewed and experimented with our 3D working model. This unrestricted access to the virtual accident scene allowed the experts to finely hone their analyses as opposed to making general calculations…until the outcome matched what was observed at the scene. They were able to line up the exact strike and impact and scrape marks on the hood of the car and the windshield with the belt buckle that the girl was wearing—all of that in 3D, which you would never be able to do any other way. That was revolutionary."


Unprecedented visual advocacy

“When the case came to trial in 2015, Mr. Rouda continued his prolific use of the laser scan data to provide depth and clarity to his arguments… For each argument made, he queried the scan data and presented supporting graphics created by Precision Simulations. So the entire trial—everything he put in front of the jury that was related to the accident itself—was visualized to the jury with laser scan data. I’ve never seen that before.”


Understands the power of visual storytelling

“Almost every piece of this case relied on the original laser scan data to either determine the conclusion and or illustrate the results of the analyses. This guy really understood the power of what he had when he saw the working model.”


Opponents have nowhere to hide

"Because we had the laser scan data, we were able to say to the judge, ‘This is inaccurate, not just because we say so or in general terms, but here is the specific measurements from the scan data that contradict what these other experts are saying."


Proves your case with scientific certainty

"Most demonstrative evidence—computer animations, laser scan data, expert opinion, etc.—is not admitted into evidence. So Mr. Rouda took a novel approach. He attempted to move all the scan data—as well as the analyses based upon it—into scientific evidence. That was a radical thing. The move was met with vociferous opposition. Mr. Rouda provided independent validation from a study of this technology from Caltrans, one of the defendants in this case. The judge admitted into scientific evidence the scan data and the expert analyses built upon it, including the 3D working model, the shadow study and two 8-inch binders containing hundreds of exhibits—all of which was provided to the jury for deliberation. That’s a huge deal. That was a first. I don’t know if that’s ever happened before. I can’t recall a case that I’ve been involved in where an attorney has ever attempted to do that."

Jeremy Cutcher

“I thought you guys did a really good job with technology in the courtroom. And I noticed it. I think it helps in talking to people. Seemed to get the essence of the argument and make it very easy for the jury to understand.”

Jeremy Cutcher

Jury Foreman/Juror #3, Bertoli v. Caltrans
Ted Brooks

“David is familiar with litigation software and the use of cutting edge graphics, 3D Laser Scan Models and video depositions, and he understands how best to present these to a jury. His ability to manage and access a large document management database (Summation iBlaze) was helpful to support experts and his own detailed knowledge of the case.”

Ted Brooks

Founder and CEO, Litigation-Tech, LLC, premier provider of Trial Presentation, Courtroom Technology, Graphics, Video, and Litigation Support