Lawyer & Judge Testimonials

Hon. James J. McBride (Ret.)

Hon. James J. McBride (Ret.)

Former Presiding Judge of the San Francisco Superior Court

“After two years in this practice after retiring from the trial bench, the Wallace v. Wu case remains a stand out. You did a great job for your clients and showed remarkable persistence.”

Robert Bailey

Robert Bailey

Trial By Design, 20 year nationally recognized trial consultant specializing in visual communication and story development, teacher of Art of Persuasion at Harvard Law School

“David worked tirelessly on this case for six years to reflect the truth of how officials failed to make a crosswalk safe in the City of Sebastopol. This crosswalk is used by four local schools and people who live in the town knew that this was a difficult crosswalk to see due to the shadows from tall overhanging trees which were not cut. As a result of this condition, 15 year old Julia Bertoli was struck by a driver who could not see her until the last moment when it was too late. David did an enormous amount of work for this family and expressed compassion, intelligence, teamwork, putting everything on the line for his client and always going the extra mile. For these and other reasons I nominate him for his strong values and dedication to fighting for the rights of others.”

“I just want to acknowledge you and say that what you are doing requires tremendous dedication, focus, spaciousness, surrender, persistence, patience, inner strength, perseverance, belief, a positive attitude and so many other qualities. I see and respect these qualities in you and respect them very much.”

David Rosenthal

David Rosenthal

Chief Operating Officer, LegalVision®, leading provider of litigation graphics and trial presentation strategies

“Over more than 23 years, I have worked with hundreds of trial attorneys, and rarely have I seen anyone work as hard as David. His work ethic, commitment to his cases and level of dedication to his clients are great strengths. In one particular case on which we collaborated, I was struck by how deep and detailed his knowledge of the case facts was. He used this knowledge to help us develop visuals that effectively and compellingly told his client’s story.”

Ted Brooks

Ted Brooks

Founder and CEO, Litigation-Tech, LLC, premier provider of Trial Presentation, Courtroom Technology, Graphics, Video, and Litigation Support.

“David is an information sponge. He has the ability to review, learn and absorb vast quantities of case-related information, including highly technical facts surrounding various expert witness opinions. His legal knowledge is also quite impressive. He definitely has a great capacity not only to possess a great deal of information, but also to intelligently “master” and understand it.

“I have personally done over 6 trials a year for the past 20 years, working with many of the best attorneys in the country, and I can honestly say that none of them work harder than David. It is a well-known fact that trial is not a 9-5 job, but David is like a pit bull on the job – often working later than anyone else, then up and working again before anyone else. He simply does not quit.

Although he possesses a great deal of knowledge about the law and the case at trial, he is quick to engage the opinions and perspectives of others. That is what prompted him to research and assemble a “best-in-class” expert witness list and trial team. David does not just offer lip-service – he considers every bit of advice, and applies every helpful suggestion or idea. David is truly a very humble person, and a real pleasure to work with in the most difficult of situations – trial.”

Client Testimonials

What our clients say about us

Orli Danieli

“We recently got our 60 day notice and thought that everything was coming to an end. Then came along David Rouda. He has helped guide us through some of our worst and grueling ordeals and even on his busiest days he had time to help us to calm down and sit up straight. And since then when I feel overwhelmed and about to lose it David reiterates how things will be OK and for me not to worry. David Rouda is an angel sent from up above. Thank you David for reassuring me that it is going to be OK.

Just recently we told David that there was absolutely no houses for rent and then out of nowhere someone contacted him to do an eviction and lo and behold it’s the exact kind of house that we were looking for. So what does David do? David puts in a good word for us tells them how good people we are and now we have a place to go to when this is all said and done. We thank you very much David. You’re like a blessing in disguise.”

Ronald Rodrigues

“David, we wanted to thank you for all your guidance and patience you have given us through a ridiculously stressful time in our lives. We appreciate how calm and reassuring you have been to us even when we had no faith in ourselves, you had it for us. We have complete trust that you will get us through this. Even when we call stressed out and worried you take time to (again) explain everything and offer suggestions to give us peace. I can’t tell you enough how lost we were until we hired you as our attorney. We have added you to our nightly prayers and we are grateful to have found you. Thank you so much.”

Gina Giomi and Michael Giomi