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Ronald Rodrigues


Ronald Rodrigues

“We recently got our 60 day notice and thought that everything was coming to an end. Then came along David Rouda. He has helped guide us through some of our worst and grueling ordeals and even on his busiest days he had time to help us to calm down and sit up straight. And since then when I feel overwhelmed and about to lose it David reiterates how things will be OK and for me not to worry. David Rouda is an angel sent from up above. Thank you David for reassuring me that it is going to be OK.

Just recently we told David that there was absolutely no houses for rent and then out of nowhere someone contacted him to do an eviction and lo and behold it’s the exact kind of house that we were looking for. So what does David do? David puts in a good word for us tells them how good people we are and now we have a place to go to when this is all said and done. We thank you very much David. You’re like a blessing in disguise.”

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